Sunday, September 12, 2010

I know what I did last summer...

I went to EUROPE!

That's right, ladies and gentleman. No longer will you call me "Michelle the cowardly" for I braced my fears and had a fantastic vacation!

My husband is a musician and he had a tour through out Europe. He goes like twice a year and has always asked (begged) me to come. I would always say that Katy wasnt ready. Well, this year I decided to give it a shot.

She was a champ!

We road tripped through Europe with Isaac and his band, staying in different cities nearly every three days. This is a video of a road stall in Germany. We were stopped for nearly two hours, so Isaac and His band made the best of it:

Every moment was like this. Totally fun.

We were all over Germany, Denmark and France. I only made one video blog, and since Katy spilled coffee all over my powerbook mac, I suspect more videos will come waaaaay later....

Then, Katy and I had to fly back by ourselves because I had to get back to teaching (I am now a TEACHER for a special ed pre-k classroom called PPCD UNIT, but more on THOSE exciting news later), but Isaac still had ten days of touring to go.

To think I was afraid of traveling with all of Katy! I was afraid of her special PKU diet, as well as keeping her from screaming in frustration through the entire ordeal. But actually, she did better than me! It was no problem and I will definitely do it again!

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