Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dear reader, you've been replaced.

I've had quite a case of blogger's block lately. I have just lost all my desire to blog about anything at all. Im actually dragging through this entry, but I know that If I don't post something now, I probably wont get around to it later. I have no excuses. The only reason I can come up for my decline in blogging libido would be this:

You've been replaced.

Yes. Its come to this. I found someone else. His name is

How can I resist his 140 character offer? How can I resist its simple layout limitation? Twitter's expectations over me are low. He doesn't take up an hour of my day asking for a detailed update on my potty training experience. Neither does he request pictures of the messy ordeal. No. All twitter asks is one simple thing:

"Hey! What are you doing?"

Now that's something I can cope with during a hectic summer that allows a total of 3.5 minutes a day for a shower and a cup of coffee. In just a minute, I can update all my followers on the status of my breakfast as I catch up on their stuff as well.

But don't worry. This relationship is just a fling. Once school starts and I find myself lonely, I will find myself back again, blogging away about the smell of my toast or the length of my hair.

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