Saturday, June 6, 2009

why I havent blogged-


Just like that.  My drive to write is gone.


Buuuuut I suppose I will give you a quick update on...



UPTDATE 1- I cant use any of my cameras.  So no webcams, no picture cameras and no camcorders.  All is on a stand still.  

UPDATE 2-  Katy moved on to her toddler bed and it has been a breeze to transition.  She is so obedient, and stays in her bed until she's done sleeping.  So far, sleep schedules have not changed at all.  The only difference is that now when she gets up, she just plays.  Before, she used to scream frantically, forcing a rude awakening on mom and dad.  

Oh, and the back relief is a total plus for me.  What a change on my aching spine!

UPDATE 3-  School is out.  We're bored

UPDATE 4-  Potty training has started.  So far, there has been lots of pee on the floor and some on the furniture, but none in the potty.

UPDATE 5- Isaac and I are writing a book.  Its about Katy and her healing progress.  We've kept journals of the whole ordeal, and we have decided to share our story to the world.

UPDATE 6-  Yes.  Parenting is my life, but I may need to look for a job once the summer is over :(

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I wish this happened all the time...

Giving always feels great. This experience is worth the four minutes. Be inspired to make a difference in someone's life by random acts of selfless kindness. It always feels good.