Monday, February 2, 2009

PKU and us (VLOG)

My husband is embarrased about this video. He thinks its too dorky. I think its fine, so Im posting it.


Lana said...

Seriously, I had no clue how to pronounce it. Your hubby may think it's a dorky vlog, but I think it's great!!
(I've tried "following" your blog before, but it never worked. Im gonna try again. If I keep disapearing, it's becuase something winky is going on with the link. Or maybe just my computer...)

Nana said...

Very interesting and you are very funny! Tell your husband that video was not dumb!

tara @ kidz said...

I heart dorks, so this is right up my alley! My MIL (Nana who already left a message) called me to tell me to watch it. She was right - it's fab!!!

The High Family said...

Great Video!

I hope this isn't a stupid question...

How was your daughter diagnosed "late" when they test newborns at birth?

Your blog is super fun and very informative! Thanks!!

michelle hays said...

Katy was diagnosed late cuz she was born in mexico, where they dont do PKU testing.

Kara said...

I dont think that vblog was dorky at all!

And most people look for stuff that is high in protien.

My daughter had lead posioning from the paint in our old house and when we talked about it I would have to explain to people that the only way to get rid of it is there stuff that has potasium in would be amazed at how many people don't know that Nana's are potasium. LOL!

Violet said...

Ok, I'm proud of myself because I KNEW that eggs, dairy, AND fish are high in protein! Mostly because of 3 things though: I found I tend to NOT like high protein foods. I was trying to find a link in foods I was eating that gave me upset stomachs, headaches, and things I ate but didn't really like. Milk, eggs, and fish (or sea food) all had high protein levels and are all things I don't like. Also, one of my good friends growing up has a sister with PKU, I remember her Mom weighing her food and bringing food for her to restraunts. I also had a neighbor who was PKU. Finally, even though I don't LIKE protein my Doctor is always telling me I NEED high amounts of protein, and reminding me what is high in protein.

It's great someone makes low protein foods. Maybe someday they will be able to alter basic foods to take out that one amino acid so kids like Katie can eat anything.

MindyLew said...

I so totally enjoyed your vlog. Thanks for educating me because before your vlog I could have been one of those annoying suggestive people - but now thanks to you I will know better!! :)

Patyrish said...

I knew how to say it but I said it differently than you....your version sounds so much better than mine.

Not a dorky vid at all.

Marthavmuffin said...

I loved it. You explained it and also were usual. Hubby shouldnt judge your videos I guess...My hubby gets funny about what I post sometimes too. It's a guy thing I think

Eudea-Mamia said...

I want to kiss you.

Like tongue, and all. Too graphic?

Honest - this was brilliant!!!!!

Could I be so bold to ask, May I have the HTML or have you do a guest post? I've been going over and over how to explain PKU to the gang on my blog, but I cannot do it justice.

THIS was perfect!!! Em

(I've had my shots, I promise)

mom 2 2 boys said...

Ok, I have seen bits and pieces from you, but Em had this posted and I had to say thanks for the best laugh I have had in weeks!

somebody said...