Monday, February 23, 2009

The day I was blacklisted...

I live very close to a telemarketer building. The place is as big as a mall, and has absolutely no windows. What happens inside is a total mystery. What I DO get to see is their little outside "patio." It looks more like those yards they put in prisons. It has two or three stone benches, concrete floor and is closed off with a chainlink fence. Whenever I drive by, I see the employees taking their much needed break. Mostly, they smoke or just sit there and shake.

Seeing them brought an old story to mind. Its way too unique not to share, so Im going to put you through my mysery. This happened a while ago, and if you followed me on MYSPACE you may already know the story:

A couple years ago, a danish friend of mine came over to my house for a quick visit. We were having a jolly ol' time when all of the sudden,


I picked up the phone, and heard a familiar voice

"I would like to speak to Mr. Joel Sanchez, please"

I could recognize that voice anywhere. It was Omar, my friend's husband. Omar and I have been playing practical jokes on each other for years. Phone pranks are a classic, so I just played along.

"No, sir. That person doesnt live here," I said

"Whom am I speaking with?"

"Michelle," I replied, almost in a sing song

"And, Michelle- where do you live?"
(ah! A little smarty pants...)

"Right here."

"Are you married?" He proceeded.

Now he was getting weird. Fine. I would just play along.

"Why do you want to know?" I wondered

"Its for my database. Are you married or single?"
(the nerve! )

"Well, let me ask you a number of questions. Whats your name?" I played along.

"I can’t disclose that information" he answered.

"Ah. I see. Well, then- perhaps you could tell me what company you are calling from." I commanded

"No, mam. Im here to ask the questions, not answer them. Now, are you single or married?" He proceeded

"Ill tell you what. Im going to give you an opportunity. This is a rare and unique offer that I, Michelle, grant to you, mysterious telemarketer, to tell me who you are. Now, Im going to give you three seconds. If by the time that I count to three, you do not disclose who you are, I will proceed to holler into the telephone at the top of my lungs. Is that clear?"

"Please mam, no games, just your complete name."

"Marital status-"

"Single or Marr-"



After I ran out of breath, I threw the phone at my friend.

"Its your husband, " I said as I laughed.

Well, guess what?





It turned out, that some guy had lived in the same house, years earlier and left a HUGE debt to a number of companies. This was a collection agency intending to intimidate anyone who would fork over the money.

After my little "joke" the man was furious. I mean furious. He threatened my friend, who frantically handed the phone to my husband. The conversation got pretty heated and ended with threats on both sides. The caller came in person to my house, and my husband called the police. Even though we were not at fault for this debt, I continue to kick myself for being such an idiot.

Ah, good times, good times!


Mitch said...

My very first job in High School was as a Telemarketer for a subcontractor of AT&T. Good times!

Jen said...

Ooops. But it was a very funny story.

TMI Tara said...

Oh no!

But truly, he should have to say which company he was from, right? It doesn't make sense to give any information to someone you don't know???

I can't believe they came to your house!

I'm truly befuddled.

And laughing.

Patyrish said...


LOLOLOL I luaghed out loud here in my living room. THAT IS HILARIOUS!

I will say though that debt collectors are such jerks and so the guy probably deserved it.

Violet said...

Seriously, he SO deserved that! There are just TOO many creeps in the world for some man to be asking a Woman her full name, marital status, and telling her HE will ask the questions without giving his name, company etc. It reminds me of a creepy phone call I got at my parents home when I was about 13, some guy telling me my Mom had ordered custom clothes and he needed my measurements. It took a minute totally get this was some pervert!

The story is pretty funny though.

somebody said...