Friday, January 30, 2009

Im just a "regular" gal

Im gonna let you in on my little weight loss secret:

Eating lots of fiber makes me shed pounds. That's right. I don't diet. I don't exercise. I don't limit my portions. I simply include as much fiber as I can in every meal, and it magically absorbs the fat I consume. It all started when I watched a particular episode of my favorite television show "Take Home Chef."

The show is about a chef who picks up a random woman at grocery stores, buys her groceries and teaches her to cook a gourmet meal in her own kitchen.

I love that show...

On this particular episode, Curtis (the chef- we're on first name basis), surprised a nutricionist with his film crew and took her back to cook some rockin' food. While they were talking, she mentioned that if you ate 25 grams of fiber early on in the day, you could practically eat junk for dinner and not worry. That was because the fiber in the body would move the fat along without it being absorbed by the intestines.

Guiltless pizza and Icecream for dinner? This ought to be worth a try!

I started reading labels and trying to fit 25 grams of fiber into my system. 25 grams sounded like so little. I envisioned them fitting easily in the palm of my hand. Let me tell you something though-

Fitting 25 grams of fiber aint as easy as it sounds. A serving of prunes has three grams. Half a can of beans has six. A bowl of raisin bran has less than four. Fruits and vegetables- even less. But then, I discovered this AWESOME product that changed my life.


People- they got Pancakes! PANCAKES!

Whoa baby, oh baby! Im sold on that. Im having pancakes for breakfast and dinner and STILL meeting my fiber quota. They have cereal, cereal bars, heck- even pop tarts!!! Ive also gone and bought a bunch of All bran crackers for my snacking needs. Not to mention, all this stuff is pretty tasty too.

Maybe too tasty...

Did you know that stuffing your belly full of fiber in one blow can give you a serious case of gas? I knew that. Ive done it to myself before.

Yet that never stops me.

So here I am, on a friday. Sitting alone, hoping for it to pass. The gas must pass. I dare not go out. Its not pretty, people. But with a belly full of tasty goodness and the love handles melting away, I can only imagine this is not the last time I will do this to myself.

Here's to lookin' good and smellin' bad!


Nana said...

Hey, I wouldn't care if I farted 24/7, if it means I'll lose weight!! I better make that 23 1/2 /7 Papa needs some time here and there if you know what I mean.

tara @ kidz said...

I'm so lovin this post!

I just bought some fiber pills at the store this week to see if it helps me in my weight-loss endeavors. I'd heard of this product also, but it's good to know someone has tried it, likes it, and it works! Next time I hit the store, I'm so getting it. Besides, I think farting is funny, and laughing is like exercise, right???

Patyrish said...

Now I know why you had that "fart in front of the hot stove"

This is a great tip though and I have never heard it before!

The High Family said...

found you through KIDZ!

I love this post! I am a huge fan of the Fiber One bars (chocolate chip are my fav!) and I can sooo relate to the "toot-toots" that come along from eating a lot of fiber in one day.

Are you pankakes really good? I didn't like the pop-tarts...

Loving your blog so far!

Kastina said...

Lol!! Niceee..I didn't know that about fiber, but I flippen love those fiber bars they have! So I'll be getting more of those then...glad I came across your post!! :)

Marthavmuffin said...

Please! I know you exercise more than you think you do! You are constantly dancing in your VLOGS! but you gave me something to chew on! (and maybe toot on too!)

Eudea-Mamia said...

What we won't do to fit into some genes. Awesome.

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