Saturday, December 27, 2008

The weirdest accidents happen to me

Ok. Where are the camera's and who is taping this sick joke?! This is unreal. Its hard enough to have a child with the flu, but make that a PKU toddler child on a christmas holiday trip and you got the recipe for a migrane.

I had my hands full. We didnt need more crap. But, if it wasn't unexpected and random- it wouldn't be my life.

I have a history of stoopid car accidents, but last night put the cherry on top. Let us do a brief recap of my strange and random car accidents throughout the decade...

1. I tried to teach myself to drive a standard (stick shift), but had no idea what the clutch was for. I stuck my car into neutral and slowly backed into the street. Several cars were waiting for me to move, but I could not get the car into gear. Eventually, I just pushed my car back to its original spot. I felt like a fool.

2. When I had the hang of the stick shift, I grew so confident in backing up that I knocked over my own mailbox. With an audience present.

3. Thinking that a trailer truck was about to invade my lane, I drove onto the sidewalk to avoid the "accident." I stopped right before running into a pole.

4. I have blown out my tires TWICE (this year) by hitting the curb at a speed no higher than 20 miles per hour.

But last night... last night took the cake.

I was driving down the highway, headed from Mexico to USA. Isaac and I decided to head home early in order to avoid the border crowd returning home on sunday. We had driven for about two hours when I saw a tow truck on the side of the road. It was picking up a car that had wrecked. I could see that because the truck had those yellow hazzard lights flashing. What DIDNT have yellow lights or orange cones was the inmense debree left all over the pavement.

Apparently, a car had lost its suitcases in the middle of the road, and some huge truck ran over them- turning them into thousands of sharp pieces on the road. I hit a few.

We were all fine. The car never lost control or anything. I drove slowly to make sure that the tires were OK (since I now have a fobia of blow outs), but the tires were fine.

That's when I noticed the smell of poop. Katy had done her buisness and needed a diaper change. The timing was perfect, because the last rest stop was only five minutes away.

When we got there, I opened Katy's door to get her out and a toy fell out and rolled under the car. Annoyed at the clutter and chaos, I grumbled as I crouched down to pick up the toy. Then, I noticed a steady stream of green liquid pouring out of the car.

The gas tank had a gaping hole in it.

(and we had just filled the tank)

I ran over to the toll booths and asked for help. After giving them an explanation of what had happened, they told us that their insurance company would cover our repairs, but that we had to wait for the adjuster.

Two hours.

It was just about midnight, and we still had a good hour to drive. Isaac spent most of the time teaching Katy some cool drum beats. I tried my hardest to shoo away smokers on a highway break. A car explosion was the last thing we needed.

By the time the insurance guy got there, it was 1 am, and waaay past Katy's bed time. She was mad.

Finally, we signed the papers and got the bad news. The tow truck would be there in three MORE hours, and we would be without a car for an indefinate period of time.

Isaac's dad drove up to meet us and take us the rest of the way home. A friend of ours was kind enough to let us borrow her only car until we can get ours back.

Although Im taken aback by the randomness of the accident, I am touched by those who went out of their way to help us. I am grateful that the Mexican highway is going to pay for the damages. But most of all, I am grateful that we are alive and well.

Had it not been for a poopy diaper and a dropped toy, this could have turned out very differently.


Carolyn said...

Wow. I can't believe you even survived that with your sanity (sort of) intact. I am in awe.

Kristy Tootle said...

that is AWFUL! At least you beat the border traffic...right???? okay bad joke!

Eudea-Mamia said...

I was beginning to worry about you!! I couldn't get my favorite links to work to your site - damn Blogger.

I'm off to read your stuff, but know you were missed.


Eudea-Mamia said...

OK - that is bad. Luckily gas is cheaper. So happy it all ended up OK.

Oh, the image of an innocent smoker going up in flames...

Patyrish said...

WOW that is just insane. I have my own driving deficiencies myself (just as my best friend and husband). When learning to drive a stick I CAN TOTALLY see myself having to push my car back like you did. LOLOLOLOL

Glad you are all okay, I can imagine how awful it was with Katy being up that late AT A REST AREA of all places.

somebody said...