Thursday, December 4, 2008

This is new...

Those crocodile tears are breaking my heart.  

Ever since Isaac came back from his music tour, Katy has protested bedtime with all that is in her.  I dont get it. She used to love bed time.  She would cuddle with her blankie and sing herself to sleep.  Now she just shrieks and cries as soon as we put her down. 

This is really hard to do.  I just went in there to read her a story.  She hugged and kissed on me as if we hadnt seen each other in weeks.  We read the book three times.  I would have kept going.  I was really enjoying her loving on me.  But then, she got all wild with the wet wipes, so I decided to put her back in bed before she thought that it was party time.

Of course, she screamed and cried.  She's still screaming and crying right now.  Im locked in the bathroom- pretending I dont hear.  I wanna cave so bad, but I know that if I do I will only be reinforcing the habit.  On the other hand, one hour crying in bed seems so extreme.  What should I do?

See why I want to set up a streaming channel of my life?  Wouldnt this be fun to watch?  You could all watch and make bets on how long I could hold out.  

Oh, but I DO have a baby video monitor, and here is where it gets interesting:  My channel is interfering with someone else's.  Every now and then, their baby's nursery will appear on my screen.  Just an hour ago I finally saw the mom.  She looked about my age and she was blonde.   I have already checked with the people on my street, and nobody has a baby.  I have no clue who this family is.

I wonder if they can see Katy crying herself to sleep.  What if they think Im a bad mom? Ive never seen their baby crying.  Come to think of it, every time he pops into my screen, he's a giggly happy tike.  OMG.  The things they must be thinking of me...

Katy is crying a lot like the little guy in this video:

The problem is that the wig wont work with her.  Maybe I'll try a monkey suit.

Im gonna go get some asprin. 


Carolyn said...

You can see someone else's baby on your monitor?? Wow, that is crazy. I'm sorry about your bedtime struggles, that is the worst. Mads has been good lately - knock on wood - but bedtime used to be a nightmare. It sucks hearing them cry. I hope it's just a phase that passes quickly!

On the bright side, I gave you something over at my blog today. ;)

Violet said...

I'm wondering if Katy still naps? I'm a nanny and whenever one of the kids goes from easy to put to sleep to a terror, it's usually time to cut out naps, or wake them after 1/2 the usual nap time (like 1 hour instead of 2). My friends 2 (almost 3) year old just did this. We don't give him naps anymore but, about 2 or 3 days a week he falls asleep on the couch watching a movie. These days we let him sleep 45 minutes to an hours.

Another idea is to push bed time 1/2 hour to an hour later. This way she is more tired, and you aren't putting her to bed just to get her up and reinforce the behavior. After an extra hour of play, she may be ready, and she won't even know she got "extra time".

The one thing the works for my nephew is to go outside for 15 minutes before the bedtime routine. It relaxes him and he loves it.

Don't know if you really wanted any tips, perhaps you've tried all of them. But, I hope you don't mind me offering up my nanny experiences.

Katy is adorable and I love following your blog. I have a friend who has PKU, it was a struggle growing up but, not she is thriving.

Patyrish said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS! i think the monkey suit is a great idea. please take pictures AND video of you in the monkey suit...can you put that hat thing on your monkey suit head too? That part is really just for my pleasure.