Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let us begin the new year with a crappy video

"Something is better than nothing?"

I personally disagree, but here is a dumb video for you all to see my family. Its me in all my splendor, my hot husband and my perfect little princess. We were testing the new webcam and chit chatting about nothing

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The weirdest accidents happen to me

Ok. Where are the camera's and who is taping this sick joke?! This is unreal. Its hard enough to have a child with the flu, but make that a PKU toddler child on a christmas holiday trip and you got the recipe for a migrane.

I had my hands full. We didnt need more crap. But, if it wasn't unexpected and random- it wouldn't be my life.

I have a history of stoopid car accidents, but last night put the cherry on top. Let us do a brief recap of my strange and random car accidents throughout the decade...

1. I tried to teach myself to drive a standard (stick shift), but had no idea what the clutch was for. I stuck my car into neutral and slowly backed into the street. Several cars were waiting for me to move, but I could not get the car into gear. Eventually, I just pushed my car back to its original spot. I felt like a fool.

2. When I had the hang of the stick shift, I grew so confident in backing up that I knocked over my own mailbox. With an audience present.

3. Thinking that a trailer truck was about to invade my lane, I drove onto the sidewalk to avoid the "accident." I stopped right before running into a pole.

4. I have blown out my tires TWICE (this year) by hitting the curb at a speed no higher than 20 miles per hour.

But last night... last night took the cake.

I was driving down the highway, headed from Mexico to USA. Isaac and I decided to head home early in order to avoid the border crowd returning home on sunday. We had driven for about two hours when I saw a tow truck on the side of the road. It was picking up a car that had wrecked. I could see that because the truck had those yellow hazzard lights flashing. What DIDNT have yellow lights or orange cones was the inmense debree left all over the pavement.

Apparently, a car had lost its suitcases in the middle of the road, and some huge truck ran over them- turning them into thousands of sharp pieces on the road. I hit a few.

We were all fine. The car never lost control or anything. I drove slowly to make sure that the tires were OK (since I now have a fobia of blow outs), but the tires were fine.

That's when I noticed the smell of poop. Katy had done her buisness and needed a diaper change. The timing was perfect, because the last rest stop was only five minutes away.

When we got there, I opened Katy's door to get her out and a toy fell out and rolled under the car. Annoyed at the clutter and chaos, I grumbled as I crouched down to pick up the toy. Then, I noticed a steady stream of green liquid pouring out of the car.

The gas tank had a gaping hole in it.

(and we had just filled the tank)

I ran over to the toll booths and asked for help. After giving them an explanation of what had happened, they told us that their insurance company would cover our repairs, but that we had to wait for the adjuster.

Two hours.

It was just about midnight, and we still had a good hour to drive. Isaac spent most of the time teaching Katy some cool drum beats. I tried my hardest to shoo away smokers on a highway break. A car explosion was the last thing we needed.

By the time the insurance guy got there, it was 1 am, and waaay past Katy's bed time. She was mad.

Finally, we signed the papers and got the bad news. The tow truck would be there in three MORE hours, and we would be without a car for an indefinate period of time.

Isaac's dad drove up to meet us and take us the rest of the way home. A friend of ours was kind enough to let us borrow her only car until we can get ours back.

Although Im taken aback by the randomness of the accident, I am touched by those who went out of their way to help us. I am grateful that the Mexican highway is going to pay for the damages. But most of all, I am grateful that we are alive and well.

Had it not been for a poopy diaper and a dropped toy, this could have turned out very differently.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Its been a HARD day. May I vent?

(my strength, time and energy feel disproportional to the demands of a flu suffering toddler on a very bad holiday timing)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

This wont make sense to anybody- HOTCAKES

I need a public access place to put this, and this is my best option. Sorry for my readers. Just ignore my post.

RAZA CCI de COLONIA RANGEL FRIAS. Nos vemos el miercoles 24 a las 9.30 am para desayunar un buffet de hotcakes y omeletes y crepas...etc. Estos son los ingredientes que nececito para el 23 en la tarde. No seas colgado, yo no me quiero quedar cocinando toda la noche, asi que llega tempranillo por la tarde.

Deja un commentario en "comment" diciendo para que te apuntas. O si no, mejor ponte de acuerdo con lucy. Sale? No me queden mal, si no va a ser una buena friega para mi solita.

Aqui esta la lista:

dos cajas de mantequilla (real)
Queso cheddar
Queso filadelfia
1 bote de yogurt natural
3 cajas de tocino
Salsa roja
Miel de maple
4 litros de leche
4 litros de jugo de naranja
24 huevos
crema batida (en bote tipo spray preferible)
2 pimientos morrones
1 cebolla
medio kilo tomate
cafe para cafetera
crema para cafe
3 ratas muertas

Friday, December 5, 2008

It appears Im "the Shizzle"

See? I wasnt talking out of my butt. It appears that I really am all that and a bag of chips.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guess who won?

This entry is concerning my previous post.  It smells like trouble and defeat up in here...

Not to mention that she went and pushed the button to grind coffee. We may as well brew a pot.

This is new...

Those crocodile tears are breaking my heart.  

Ever since Isaac came back from his music tour, Katy has protested bedtime with all that is in her.  I dont get it. She used to love bed time.  She would cuddle with her blankie and sing herself to sleep.  Now she just shrieks and cries as soon as we put her down. 

This is really hard to do.  I just went in there to read her a story.  She hugged and kissed on me as if we hadnt seen each other in weeks.  We read the book three times.  I would have kept going.  I was really enjoying her loving on me.  But then, she got all wild with the wet wipes, so I decided to put her back in bed before she thought that it was party time.

Of course, she screamed and cried.  She's still screaming and crying right now.  Im locked in the bathroom- pretending I dont hear.  I wanna cave so bad, but I know that if I do I will only be reinforcing the habit.  On the other hand, one hour crying in bed seems so extreme.  What should I do?

See why I want to set up a streaming channel of my life?  Wouldnt this be fun to watch?  You could all watch and make bets on how long I could hold out.  

Oh, but I DO have a baby video monitor, and here is where it gets interesting:  My channel is interfering with someone else's.  Every now and then, their baby's nursery will appear on my screen.  Just an hour ago I finally saw the mom.  She looked about my age and she was blonde.   I have already checked with the people on my street, and nobody has a baby.  I have no clue who this family is.

I wonder if they can see Katy crying herself to sleep.  What if they think Im a bad mom? Ive never seen their baby crying.  Come to think of it, every time he pops into my screen, he's a giggly happy tike.  OMG.  The things they must be thinking of me...

Katy is crying a lot like the little guy in this video:

The problem is that the wig wont work with her.  Maybe I'll try a monkey suit.

Im gonna go get some asprin. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Late thoughts on gratefulness

Painful thoughts can enter your mind at any moment. For me, it was today, as I was getting Katy buckled into her car seat. Having just finished her supper, I was doing the usual mental math to recap the amount of protein she consumed for that meal. I calculated that she had about a gram and a half. I was proud of how much I was able to make her meal stretch. That's when the thought that has crossed every PKU parent's mind ran through mine-

"How Unfair"

I sulked inwardly, thinking of all the great stuff I wish I could feed my little girl. I imagined cheese cubes, and yoghurt cups. I thought of cookie jars and sandwiches. Is that too much to wish for? To hope that my daughter can one day eat the nutritious food and not have to worry about it damaging her brain?

How unfair!

But then I thought about the Norwegian doctor- Folling, who insisted on finding the cause for mental retardation in two siblings. I thought about his pioneer research in the 1930's that led to the discovery of Phenylketunria. It was his enlightenment that led others to take up the torch and walk the next mile. From him came those who advocated and made blood screening at birth mandatory in the united states (that foot stick they do at birth). Then, there were others- like Virginia Shuett- who spent their entire lives finding ways to feed people like Katy. PKU is one of the few genetic diseases that can be controlled by a diet.

There are so many other metabolic conditions that have no cure. Many are even fatal. That is not the case with Katy. We have research, support, information, and many types of foods fabricated to make PKUers live a more normal life. We have a formula that supplements her nutrition, a geneticist who checks up on her development (and always gives us good news), a well informed nutritionist, a whole team of therapists, and best of all- we have what so many other families wish for-


So, even though this thanksgiving my daughter could not eat turkey, I am grateful that she could sit at the table and much on her special Cambrooke's food as we shared smiles, love and laughter.

PKU- what a cinch!