Friday, November 28, 2008

Im gonna regret this in the morning

So it wasnt enough that Katy woke me up at four in the morning today.   I find myself awake at one in the morning watching people sleep.   There is this website called in which regular people set up webcams in their house and you can watch them live their lives... as you waste yours behind a screen.

I am currently watching a french woman wake up to her cats.  She's just laying there, petting them, and I'm strangely addicted to her every move.  I feel like Im right there in france.  Whats funny is that there are nine other losers (like me) watching her too.  

Once again, I am overcome with the intense desire to set up webcams throughout my house so that people can watch me wake up too!  Wouldn't it be cool?  Just picture watching me putting  on my makeup, playing with katy, or simply running frantically through the house.  I soooo wanna do it.  Ive tried it before, but I'm having static IP address issues.  No, i dont know what that means.  I just know that its what the little message tells me.  I've given up so many times, but today, I find myself wanting to give it another go.

How pathetic am I?


No particular day seems like the "right" one to wake up at four in the morning, but this one feels especially cruel. It could be the combination  of sinus problems with a few days of sleep depravation that makes this morning feel a bit undoable.  But there is nothing that a cup of starbuck's chai latte can't make better (Im so glad I swiped it from my mother-in-law's house).

For no apparent reason, Katy decided to wake up at this ungodly hour.  When I say "decided"  I mean it.  There are times when she can just whine and complain and still stay in bed.  Not this morning.  Today, she was decidedly up.  If you're a parent, you should know what I'm talking about.  You know its way too early to wake up when "Nick at Night" is still playing.  How do you explain that to a toddler?  How about-

"Dora is still in her bed going night night- like daddy."

 In all fairness, I told my husband to stay in bed so he could swap sleep breaks with me later in the day.  I hope sleep and I can reconcile later on, since I tend to be too wired through the day.  But, this would be a good time to reminiscence the events that made my thanksgiving holiday memorable.

The Refried Beans Exploded

You know you're in Mexico when you can say that about your thanksgiving meal.  My mother in law decided to make our thanksgiving meal stretch by taking the refried beans and adding them to the buffet line.  

Did you know that you can't warm food up in the microwave with the topper lid still on?  The beans made it out of the microwave just fine, but decided to blow their top when the entire family was lined up for the buffet.  There was a loud popping sound, much like when you open a bottle of champagne. Suddenly, everyone was wearing beans.  Even the ceiling sported the new look.  Its hard not to make jokes, considering we're in Mexico, but I'll leave those to your imagination.

From The Mouth's of Babe's

It seems like I never really got moved on to the adult table.  I always end up sitting with the kiddo's feeling a little left out.  At least this time, I get to sit with my husband.  But we sat with our new little nieces.  Not too long ago, my brother in law married a young woman who had two little girls.  It was our first thanksgiving together, and I decided to break the ice with the "do you have a boyfriend" cliche.  They argued back and forth about it.  

"I have a boyfriend,"  I told them "Isaac is my boyfriend."

"He's not your boyfriend!  He's your husband!"  The little girls said

"He's my husband-boyfriend,"  I answered.

"We love each other so much,"  Isaac explained "that its like were boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Oh!  Like mommy and daddy!"  The little one exclaimed, speaking of her new daddy- my brother in law.   By now, everyone was in on the conversation. 

"Well... sort of... because they fight all the time."

There was an awkward moment of silence.  It was extremely uncomfortable, since this was the first time that all of our new family was together- including both sets of  in-laws.  In what seemed an eternity, the silence was finally broken by Isaac's chuckles.  These only inspired the little girl to go further into detail, but she was abruptly interrupted by her mom, who ordered her to get more food and stay quiet.

OK, Katy is fussing now, so I gotta go play.  The caffeine effects are kicking in and I think I can do this...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This means war...

I dont know if you recall my last video on killing mice, but looking back on it makes me laugh. I was so innocent. So naive. So, completely unaware of what was to come. I lived in a fairy tale castle and walked on pink clouds. I was such a child. But that was then.

This is now.

I've been away from home for almost two months. I was so eager to come to all my things. The first evening, I invited a friend over for coffee and tacos (yes. Tacos.) We sat merrily and enjoyed our conversation for about three and a half minutes. Until we felt a shadow run across the kitchen.

Were we seeing things?

Shrugging it off, we continued with our long overdue chat. But not two minutes later, the movement in the kitchen continued. It was a mouse. A creepy, disgusting freak of nature had come into my kitchen and was hiding under my fridge. I stood nearby with a broom and waited. Then, it popped out again.

But hadnt we seen a gray mouse?

Was this one brown?

Either way, it made a mad dash for the laundry door, and to my surprise- was able to fit under the door and "escape (to my laundry room)."  My friend and I sat back in the living room, only this time we kept our feet on the couch. Then, a shadow.  It was that mouse.  No- it was NOT that mouse.  It was a baby one.  

That evening I counted four live mice, and two dead ones (I killed them.  Cuz I have no fear).  All under my fridge.  Then, I looked over at my back yard.  One, two, three, four, five, six... all in plain sight and all at the same time!  My house had been invaded by a plague of mice while I was gone!!!

Looking through the house I found mice crap everywhere.  On the stairs,  the floor, the pantry, the stove, and even in Katy's toy box.

This means war.

I sent Isaac out for the craziest mice anhilation  weaponry that he could retrieve legally.  When he returned, we set up dozens of rat traps, a couple of sticky traps and four packages of rat poison.  They are all well hid under furniture and out of Katy's reach.  

Now we wait for the little monsters to take the bait and rot. Oh, wait- that would pose a problem now, wouldnt it?  Oh well, I'll deal with it later...

  When my house smells like a rotting meat factory.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I R a NuRd

Yet another Vlog from moi

Thursday, November 6, 2008