Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not to brag, but Im very gifted

You've all read my blogs and seen my videos, but did you know I could sing as well? I touched up a cool song and made it even cooler- cuz I rock. Listen for the vocals, my talent stands out pretty obviously.

PS- chill. Give it a second to load, yo.

xpress yourslef - Richard I Hays

Monday, October 27, 2008

the thing about choking in public...

It had been a long and grueling day and I was particularly crabby.  To think that it was only five o'clock and the worst hadn't even begun.  This afternoon Katy was especially kranky, and it was driving me bonkers.   By the late afternoon, I decided to calmly face the situation.

"Isaac!  Get your butt up!  We're taking her out!  I can't stand it!  I CAN'T STAND IT!"

In two minutes we were in the car, headed for the mall.  Inside the mall was a little toddler play center that Katy loved.  I was sure that taking her there would change her mood.  

We weren't even out of the car by the time I lost my temper.  Things didn't get better as I dropped the stroller and the diaperbag in the parking lot.  In fact, I nearly lost it right then and there.  That's when it hit me-

I was starving!

No wonder things seemed so frustrating.  I told Isaac to please take Katy to the play area while I grabbed something small to hold me down.  (We had guests that night and would be having a late dinner).

There's something about sitting alone in a public place that makes you feel like a bit of a loser.   Nevertheless, I grabbed my chicken stuffed "gordita (the real deal is actually tiny)"  and sat in the middle of the food court. At long last, I would take a bite. 

 It went down the wrong pipe.  I imediately started gagging, coughing and choking.  

And I forgot to buy a drink. 

The choking and coughing was so severe that tears began pouring down my face.  Now, black mascara covered my eyes and cheeks and I grabed a napkin to wipe it off.  The napkin had salsa on it, and now my eyes were burning as I started to lose my vision.  I was still choking.

I stood up and stumbled across the food court with the diaperbag still on my shoulder.  I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, but I was making my way towards the bathrooms.  I hadn't made it all the way to the door when I realized that Katy's sippy cup was in the diaper bag.

In plain view of the public, I took it and began to chug.  But the water merely dribbled.  I needed to flush things down, if you know what I mean.   So, I walked up to the nearest food stand and banged on the counter.  An attendant rushed up to me.

"Coke!"  Cough, cough.  "I'm choking!  Quick!"

The attendant rushed to the fridge and got me the first can of coke that she could find.  Dropping a bunch of change on the counter, I opened the coke and guzzled it down.  The attendant looked at me, bewildered.

"You gonna be OK?" she asked

"Yeahhhhhhh..."  I sighed with relief.

All eyes were on me as I walked back to my table.  All I needed now was for my food to be missing.  As I approached, I could see my half eaten gordita still on the table.  All was well, and I was alive.  

"The good thing about hitting rock bottom is that you dont get lower than that," I thought to myself as  I sunk my teeth into my food.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Im on a Shaving Strike

My husband has been away on a music trip, which I hear is going excellently. He's given so many concerts already that I've actually lost count of them. He is in Cancun as we speak, and he has just opened a concert for a big head honcho in the latin christian music community.

Yeah, to some it may not sound like much, but to us missionaries- its the shindig.

The pace of the tour is too speedy for Katy, so we decided to stay behind. In fact, we're taking total advantage of this opportunity to do some therapies in Texas. It is our main focus to get Katy talking, and since her mother language is english it seems stupid to do spanish speech therapy in Mexico.

But enough about them, lets talk about me.

Im lonely. And bored. I dont have any friends or social life here in Texas and Im coming to full realization of what a true loser I can be. Here, in no particular order, are some key manifestations of my desperate loneliness.

1. I got in a cyber fight

Yes, me- the missionary. I got in a fight on a website called CAFEMOM. I got kicked out of one of the website's social groups. Apparently, I was not allowed to start a topic on abortion, but the rule was not writen anywhere. They kicked me out of a group and I made a big stink with my blog. Then, my blog got removed by the administration team and I got a warning about picking fights. Yes. Me. I felt like the straight "A" student getting punished for something she didn't deserve.

So, one of my cybermom friends sided with me and took up my cause, getting herself booted from the group as well. We now have our own group, which we administer. Now, nobody can kick us out for starting topics against the (unwriten) "rules."

Cuz were Bad Azzez.

2. Im on a shaving strike.

As my blog title suggests. Why should I shave when my husband is away for a month? All I gotta do is wear pants and "Voila!" Instant style. I think of it as an investment for my skin. By not shaving, Im not drying out my legs with the razor blades. can pretty much justify anything you stand for...

3. Saturday Mornings are not what I remember

As a kid, I used to LOVE saturday mornings. I would take out all of my toys and play while watching cartoons. I tried it again with Katy this morning, but I quickly realized that there has to be at least ONE grown up in the house. Somebody has to be responsible for the mess and the food. Katy and I drew straws and I lost. It would be my turn to make the pancakes this morning. But I know that someday, I'll have my day in the park...

The Berenstein Bears were on and I was really touched. Seriously, have you paid attention to their cartoons? The lessons on family unity are really inspiring. They really do respect each other and learn their lessons. And then, when the kids went off to bed, momma and poppa bear cuddled on the couch. You know they got it on later that evening. With their love afflame after so many years of marriage, you know those bears are sexually active. I mean, just look at the lust in their eyes:

4. Finally, this video deserves an honorable mention.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its me. The dork you all laugh about...

I got so many things to write about, but I have been HECTIC with schedule. For now, I will post a random picture of Yours truly- looking like a total dweeb head. In fact, all three of us do.

Im the one flying through the air. My husband is the one with the odd wardrobe and my friend fabie, is the girl glaring at the camera.

Yes. I surround myself with people who are like me. It keeps my feet grounded (as you can see).