Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nope. I did not fall off a cliff

Contrary to the popular belief, I have not fallen off a cliff and dissapeared from the face of this planet. Though I kind of feel like I did. Things are going kind of fast now, and its hard to take it all in. Because I'm pressed for time, Im going to give you the roundup update version.

1. Isaac has finished his first solo CD! A year ago, I never imagined that he would turn into a musician. Now, he is scheduled to tour all of Mexico giving concerts non stop for two months. Here is the link to his webpage. At the top, click on "CD" and then click on the little "e-snip" bird to hear a portion of his song. (if you're unfamiliar with the story of Isaac turned musician, this is the link to the blog I wrote about it).

2. Who switched out the bassinets? Katy is a whole new child! This is where I just blurt out the major changes, paying absolutely no attention to detail-
  • She has almost dominated going up the stairs by herself.
  • She's learning to play "pretend." (her favorite game is taking her teddy bear for a stroll, but now we walk to the corner store with her shopping cart to buy milk and eggs.)
  • She understands me when I speak
  • She says "again" all the time to get what she wants- and it works
  • She is engaging in meaningful play. Today, for instance- she found a can and carried it all the way to the kitchen. Then, she opened up the silverware drawer, grabbed a spoon and banged away. All without help!
  • She can tolerate a few minutes (just a few) playing with other children. I've touched her chest and noticed that her heart beats really loud when there are other kids around. She's really nervous, but gives it a shot anyway. My brave little trooper!
  • She learned to use the Ipod. She likes to wear it on her hip and listen to the "Numa Numa" song over and over and over....

3. Building up a strange library- I started buying books on Sensory Intergration Dissorder (of which Katy suffers). I've also been adding Occupational, Physical, Moral Otor and other kinds of therapy books to my library. I've learned so much and I have seen amazing results. So much, that I am now adding "regular" books to my shelf such as- "Gymboree Toddler Games" and "The Everything Guide to Potty training." I wish I could describe the joy of this developmental transition.

4. Isaac is going to Malaysia. And Spain. And Germany. Just a few days from now I will be sad and lonely.

5. Again, Isaac is giving a concert on Saturday evening. 7 pm central time. The cool part is that you can watch it online. go to our church media page and then click on the little television icon. Woohoo!

6. All my cameras are broken. Yes. even the webcam. I feel so useless.

7. Katy is having surgery. It will be an in and out eye surgery for her right eye. I suppose that her low muscle tone affected her eye muscle as well, because one is drifting. Its pretty minor, and the doctor is amazed that she has perfect vision considering her seizure history (which has been wiped off the map).

8. My coffee break is over and I gotta get back to my piled up laundry and dishes.