Monday, June 23, 2008

That's one sick little monkey

Look at this monkey:

Does he look well to you?

Well, he wasn't. One of his beady eyes was swollen shut. I don't know why, it just was. Plus, he wasn't in the best of moods. Look again:

You see? The little critter was miserable.

Nevertheless, he was on the job and he had to muster up a good attitude. After all, if it weren't for him, who would bring home the bacon? Or, bananas...


His job was to be the local celebrity in the beautiful beaches of Cancun. Not too shabby for an occupation. He would go from person to person (guided by his "boss") as he offered the tourists a chance to snap a picture with him.

His swollen eye, visible even from far away made my husband cringe. The noxious smell from his reeking fur filled our nostrills. Isaac swore that we would not be touching that disease ridden monkey. We were having a terrible week as it was. Katy had a misserable cold and the entire Hotel's air conditioner had broken down for two and a half days. The last thing we needed was to catch some crazy monkey illness.

But I had always wanted a picture with a monkey.

"Hi there!" The photographer greeted us "would you like a photo with the monkey?"

Katy begun to cry. Isaac shook his head vigorously. No was NO regardless of how much I insisted. Didn't I know that when Isaac put his foot down it was always final?

It ain't over till the wife nags, that's what I say.

So after much insistance we ended up snapping one of the very worst pictures in our family history. Look again. We're all sleep deprived, Katy is just wretched, Isaac is staying as far away from that monkey as is photographically possible and I'm just there. Smiling, like an idiot.

But what was really funny was what happened to the man next to us. He was just sitting in his lounge chair, keeping to himself.

"Hey there, fella! How'bout a picture with the monkey?"

The crabby man just shook his head "no"and turned away.

"C'mon! Its just a picture. No obligation."

"No. Thanks."

"Ah. It ain't so bad. Just take the picture!"


"Listen, if you dont like it its free. No obligation"

"No. I'm telling you- NO!"

"Whatcha gotta loose? No commitments. Just a picture."

"Fine! Gimmie the damn monkey," he burst.

The monkey exchange was made and just a second before the photo was taken I could hear the angry man give a loud groan followed by a curse. It turned out that the monkey had peed all over him. The photographer snapped the picture, snatched the monkey and darted off.

"Have a nice day!"

I could hear him yell as he ran.


Patyrish said...

I love the monkey!

Isaac does look like he wants to run so bad! Katy is like "Daddy protect me from cyclops monkey!"


Poor monkey....good thing he didnt pee on you!

Wishing 4 One said...

OMG can I just say that I am so sorry but you are soooo brave! I wouldn't have held that monkey no waaay!

You family photo is great, yes you guys look a bit tired but its cute though really! Hope your trip to Cancun helped your week.

Anonymous said...