Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only me. But why?!

My husband will be producing his first solo CD this summer.  It's scheduled to be out on the fourth of July.  Today was his photo shoot.  I was so excited because he actually got a make over! 'Im not kidding- even down to the highlights.  

We had a professional fashion stylist (and a dear friend) guide him through every step of the way.  She helped Isaac shop, giving him tips according to his body type, personality and skin complexion.  Then, she took him to a hair stylist and had a whole new look set up for him.

I met them outside the salon and -I just gotta say- hubbalicious!  I thanked my friend for all her fashion expertise  as we walked towards the studio, which happened to be down the block.  Talking about highlights and celebrities, I began to critizise the stars (as if Im some source of professional oppinion).  Walking through the studio I turned my star bashing towards Paulina Rubio.

"She's so trashy"

"Why is she in the buissnes when she can't even sing?"

"Paulina Rubio- ugh."

On and on I went, like a total snob.  The photo shoot began, and Katy and I got to be in the first few photos (Isaac wrote a song for each of us and wants us to be in the CD as well).  Since it was Katy's nap time, I drove home early while Isaac finished snapping his shots.  

Back at home I decided to Google his photographer.  It turned out that he was a celebrity photographer and that his number one client was none other than- that's right, you guessed it-


It seems that I am perpetually condemned to make a total and complete fool of myself.  I must have an automatic "stick my foot in my mouth" reflex.  I guess I should just shut up and never speak again.