Saturday, June 7, 2008

Not Just Milestones- Historical Markers

Life is full of ups and downs. We move from day to day in familiar rythms, with a rough idea of what to expect. Once in a while, a day will pleasently surprise us and another will grieve us. Ocassionaly- and very seldomly- there are days that mark the history of our lives. These are days that are more than just special. They are epic.

Today was one of those days for me. Only those who know me and know my story will truly understand the significance of the story that I am to tell. If you dont know anything about me, dont worry- I've made sure to write it. Just backtrack through my blog.

I've just returned from Carls Jr.- a fast food restaurant. Inside, they have a little play center for children. Time after time, I have taken Katy there with the hope that she would catch on and play. At first, she would just stand there in a fright. She didn't get it. Children zipped past her, shouting and screaming in glee. She didnt even bother to look at them. All she ever did was stand still- waiting to be rescued from this strange place. After much coaching and insisting, she finally sat on the little floor and banged on it. I would get inside the toy and try to teach her to go up and down the slide. I guided her arms and legs through the toy, and she almost enjoyed it. As long as I moved her body through it. This went on for months and moths.

Today we revisited the place.

Katy took to the game almost immediately. She fluttered up the little steps and scooted all the way down the slide. Once, twice, three times- who knows- she kept going and going for half an hour. The children were no longer zipping by, she was keeping right up with them. Every now and then, she would stop a child and turn him to her face. It was almost as if she was saying

"wait a second... how come you're short like me?"

And to think that not even a month ago I was told by a psychologist that Katy could not engage in social play. This day marks a new era in Katy's life. It says to the world: