Thursday, May 29, 2008

HMPH! In Yo' face!

When I was eighteen, I got my first job in the United States.  I worked as a waitress in a major chain restaurant.  I really didn't like the pressure or the pace of the job, but I needed to make money so that I could go to college.  I remember being incredibly nervous every time I clocked in. Not only was I insecure,  my boss was a total jerk.

"Are you stupid, Michelle?!"  he would shout "If I have to cancel ONE MORE ITEM, it's coming right out of your check!"

His constant sneers and insults sent me home crying more times than I care to count.  It was not the best way to establish my work ethic.  As a matter of fact, his hurtful words and painful mockery made me more insecure than I had ever been.  

If that was even possible.

But a long time has passed since then.  Twelve years, to be precise. In that time, I have managed to push myself through college, get married,  move to a different country, be a news writer, radio producer, television director, theatre director, teacher, counselor, marriage therapist and more.  I had every dream job that I ever wanted, I traveled the world with my husband, and eventually settled down and had a beautiful little girl.   

I went from being an insecure girl to a confident woman.   

Just the other day I had to come back to Texas to and do standard maintenance on my car. I was led to the customer service desk where a representative was waiting to service my car. Little did I know, that sitting behind that desk would be none other than- yes, you guessed it- my cruel EX-boss!

"Good morning, maa'm-"  he started to say.

Then, the look. 

"I used to work with you,"  I said.  

"Yeah, I remember... So, how's life?"

I gave him a brief recap of the whirlwind of events that have shaped and molded me.  Life had done a lot of turning since I last saw him, and I know he could tell.  I was no longer the insecure little teenager who feared his every word.  I was the grown woman handing him the keys to service my car.

"Please make sure that the oil is changed and that all the fuses are working properly, "  I ordered   "I don't want any warning lights turning up.  Call me when it's done."

And just like that- in an unexpected turn of fate-  I found myself walking away with a spring in my step.  The world had changed, and I could hold my head up high.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Things you wish you never knew

Carolyn has tagged me.  Im sure you've all heard of the game.  Basically, the tagged person has to list seven strange and random personal things about themselves.  Then, you have to choose seven more bloggers to tag.  I wont tag, cuz most of the people I know on here have already been tagged.  That, plus I dont have very many readers to my blog.

So here is everything you wish you didnt know about me.

1.  I have an unhealthy fear of static electricity.  During the winter, I shut the car door with my foot to avoid getting shocked.  I even hesitate catching my daughter from the slide in order to avoid the static.

2.  As I child, I broke my front tooth in half and had to live with it like that for a couple years.  I never smiled in pictures.  As if that wasn't enough, my half-tooth turned gray.

3.  I have to shave every time I shower.  Otherwise, I feel dirty.

4.  Im considering pursuing a masters degree in psychology soon.

5.  I HATE thrills.  Save the rollercoasters and scary movies for those who enjoy triple bypass surgeries.  I like to keep my heart safe from suffering an attack.

6.  I turned down a huge job opportunity after college to become a missionary.

7.  Ive been trying to concieve again for a year and a half. 

And now you know it all...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

After three long years- summer is HERE!

Katy's finest day YET

Today was probably the best day in Katy's life. She had her first visit to a water park and she went NUTS! If any little kid deserved to have "their day," it was Katy. She is such an overcomer. She has fought and battled against every medical prognosis and has come out a winner time after time. Epilepsy, Hipotomia, extreme poor coordination, hypersensitivity- let me stop right there.

HYPERSENSITIVITY- every texture used to feel overwhelming for her. A little less than a year ago, even the touch of water was too much for her. She would bathe with her arms raised up in order not to touch the bath water. Naturally, beach and sand was out of the question.

But not anymore. After hours and hours and hours of play, we literally had to pry an over-exhausted but ecstatic little girl from the waterpark. To think that a year ago we feared that she might never walk or play!

Cheers to you, little honey! There are many more days like these up ahead.

(Ive tried and tried to upload a video, but the connection SUX and it wont let me. Ill be home next week and will do the upload.)


My husband can be so cute. I sent him out on an errand as I did my household chores. I went to the back yard for a bucket of water. It was when I opened the faucet that I noticed the strange movement. Just a few feet away from me was a four foot long snake, slithering past me. It only took a second, but it moved very far.

I froze.

The snake froze.

There we stood, staring at each other- getting better aquatinted. I noticed it was thin and black. It noticed I was having a bad hair day. Slowly, I backed away and went into the house to await my hero to come and rescue me.

An hour later, the sun had set and it was dark. Isaac came home and I told him the story. His eyes shone. There is something about catching snakes that always dazzles him. Before I had finished my recount of the events, he was up and around looking for a flash light.

He darted out into the yard, in search of danger. Its funny how eager he is when it comes to snakes. It had been an hour since the encounter, and the snake had probably gone very far. Nevertheless, Isaac persisted in the search. He ducked, he climbed, he stomped and stooped. After what seemed an eternity, he finally gave up- looking disappointed and let down. He can be so cute.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The (Low Protein) Soup- with MICHELLE

Quick updates on your favorite person. Me, of course!

Whats keepin ya?

It turns out that Katy hates it when Im at the computer. She JUST WONT LET ME TYPE. The moment I sit down, she comes to me, yanks at my arms and covers me with kisses. I guess its her way of saying

"I think youve had enough mom."

An Audience with the Big KAHOONA (sp?)

It turns out that some people in federal government are going to look into Katy's story. The director of Human Services in Mexico, and some Senators as well as some represantatives of the United Nations are going to give me a hearing.

They are interested in learning more about PKU and how to help change the way Mexico has handled this treatable condition. In other words- my daughter's story may change the course of the future for thousands of PKU babies in Mexico. They can have a hope and a future!

That is, if these people are touched and motivated to change...

The Hunt for the Perfect School

Isaac and I have been looking for a school for Katy for various months. We had an appointment today with one that I LOVED. Nothing is final, but this particular school is on the top of my list so far. Lets see what happens, shall we?

Meanwhile, I leave you with this song. It inspires me to strive when Im running on fumes.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

and the feel good moment of the day is...

Lets give it up for the eighties. What a movement! I wish we could see this effort more often

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Ox breaks the Yolk

Maybe Ive spent too much time alone lately.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Katy has a new website!

You simply MUST go and see Katy's new site. Its 'da bomb. Oh, yeah baby.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Evil Twin is Actually Me

I hang my head in shame as I type this.

Most people imagine that I am some kind of sweet, sensitive mom who loves company and is eager to take on the worlds challenges. The truth is that I have a college degree in theater and that I have been concealing the evil twin deep within me. Well, here's a newsflash for you-

My evil twin emerged.

This time, it was during a family trip that I made with my inlaws. If i had ever wanted to lose face and dignity, I finally got my big chance. I bet that the inlaws stay up late at night, worried for their son who married the Premenstrual Monster from Hell ...

Ive never liked to travel. For starters, I get motion sickness pretty easy. Then, Im almost sure that I have a moderate case of claustrophobia. In addition, I happen to be a paranoid, overprotective mother who must have meal plans and sleep schedule completely intact. Stuff me in a car full of family, suitcases and messy snacks for an extended period of time, and you get this:

Which is exactly the person I became for the period of ten days. I was short tempered, snappy, sarcastic and mean. For instance, one morning the whole family was sitting outside sipping coffee. Katy was running around pushing her new "grocery cart" (which she adores), when Isaac decided to water the grass.

But there was a leak in the water hose

In a matter of minutes, the entire front porch was covered in mud. It was then that my curious little tot decided to explore the nature of this muddy texture with HER ENTIRE BODY. At this point, everybody in the family decided to have an oppinion about what I should do. They sat eating toast and drinking coffee, calling out their suggestions in the chaotic nature of the a trading floor.

"Everybody has a different oppinon on what I should do!
Just let me do what I want!"

Silence fell so quickly that I wondered if time had frozen. One quick glace proved that the only thing I froze was a good morning cheer and a couple good intentions. I felt like a total jerk. One more time.

If only I could stop spewing verbal diarreah every time I fume. I wish that I could stop, count to ten, and deal with chaos in a calm and collected way. I have considered carrying a pack of starbursts in my purse and popping one in my mouth the moment I open it to speak. Heck- maybe a spoonful of peanut butter might do the trick. Something- anything that will tie my mouth down for a couple of seconds. That way, I can gather my thoughts before I lay them out to the entire world to see.