Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Holy Mole! It's flying poo!

My video and pictures wound up in Mexico City, as soon as I get them I will tell (and show) you all of the amazing things that happened during my birthday week. All I can say is- turning thirty never felt so great for anybody!


Is there such a thing as "normal?" My daughter's recovery is coming along so nicely, and she is curious about everything...and I mean everything. Here's the latest in her discoveries:


Whenever she is getting a diaper change (and only when there is poop), she will reach down to her bottom and scratch at it. That's before I can get there with the wipe- but that's part of her tactic. I find myself wiping her toosh with one hand, and with the other moving her curious little arm out of the way. That means that both of my hands are busy.

And that I'm dissarmed.

With that power, Katy grabs the dirty diaper and lets it fly in the air, leaving poop pieces all over the place. Just so you know, "Murphey's Law" applies to dirty diapers as well. The loaded side allways lands face down.

Now I'm faced with a tough decicion. Do I go for the diaper or wipe her bottom? I can see Katy's face of triumph as I scramble to make things right. She thinks this is some delightful little game. I try to keep my face as stern and serious as possible, but sometimes I think she sees right through me.

Yesterday, I got in the shower before Katy woke up. It was my husband's turn to get her out of bed. I actually chuckled to myself when I heard him yell:

"No! No!


I guess I forgot to tell him about the new diaper changing technique.