Friday, March 21, 2008

I needed this like a hole in the head. Part 2

Thinking that the worst was over, I awoke with a better disposition the following morning. I had stayed up all night. Again. Having a toddler with a cold is a lot like bringing a newborn home. You're up all night. But now, it was morning and a brand new day. I mean, it doesnt get lower than rock bottom, right?


You can always dig. The doctor told me that Katy's condition was viral and that her fevers would be very hard to control. He said that it would be two or three days until the antibody kicked in. Sure enough, his predection was true. Katy still had a fever.

At ten AM that morning, Katy was in no mood to eat. I tried every food I could offer to no avail. I was also expecting guests to arrive later in the evening. They were going to stay with us for five days, as our church hosted a city wide conference. With my daughter sick, and my husband runing around getting the conference thing ready, having the house ready for guests was next to impossible. It seemed that every five minutes Katy needed something. Taking care of her was all I could do.

But then, I looked out the window.

I had never seen anything like this in my life. The entire sky was orange and the trees swayed violently. I could hear the wind whistle loudly next to my window. It looked like a tornado was coming.

That is impossible in my city (Monterrey, Mexico). We are surrounded by mountains, there can never be tornadoes or earthquakes. This was a dust storm. I had studied about them in college, and seen the 1930's pictures of the DUST BOWL. Now, it was happening here, in front of my very eyes.

And I was alone with Katy.

I looked for my camera, to take a few pictures. There was no battery. All I got to show for it is this lifelike sketch I composed:

There were no cars in the streets, and the debree was flying and crashing. I ran outside to feel the wind, and nearly got blown away. Becoming increasingly afraid, I ran back inside. There was nothing that a good pot of coffee couldnt fix. Then, the nightmare began-


All the neighboors popped out of their houses to check on each other-

"are you OK?"

"Is your electricity out too?"

"Is your roof shaking?"

I saw a roof flying through the air. It barely missed my house as it crashed into one of my neighboors' back yard, making a huge CRASH. No one was hurt. We would just have to wait inside.

I closed all the windows and doors. The house became very hot. Katy's fever still hung around, and I could offer little relief to her. I held her as I waited for the storm to pass. One hour, two hours, three hours...

The nightmare lasted nearly eight hours. EIGHT HOURS! 70 mile per hour winds tore through the city without mercy for half a day! By the time it was all over, Isaac was able to come home. We were finally together. We were finally safe. Now, in just a few hours, our guests would arrive.

Little did they know that they would come to a candle light house with a sick and screaming baby and a fridge full of rotting food. It was all we could offer. The entire city was blacked out...

I did get a chance to video tape in my neighboorhood:


Patyrish said...

Holy Guacamole! That is INSANE! I had no idea that tore through Mexico!

I would have freaked had I see a roof fly by....SERIOUSLY!

I hope Katy is feeling better now. Those fevers were THE WORST. Makily is working on day two with no fever and we are thankfully through the worst of it. She is still congested but I'll take that over a 104 temp any day.

Patyrish said...

forgot to add that I love your life like sketch! I got a GREAT chuckle out of that one!

Patyrish said...

you need to blog again. I am going through withdrawls!

Beth said...

Hi, Michelle. Thanks for commenting on Julia's blog...we are so thankful for all her great progress and for people like you who take the time to encourage us. I have read through your blog and enjoyed it very much...I will be a frequent visitor here. Please know that you and your precious family will be in my thoughts and prayers! God bless!


P.S. BTW...I do believe in miracles and supernatural healings. Thanks for being unashamed of what you believe and giving it to the world!

Anonymous said...