Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Ode to Coffee


It seems as though the tough days are finally over and now all that’s left to do is catch up. I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel for a moment, but at long last, we trucked through it all. I wouldn’t be able to sit here had it not been for God, who in all His divine reasoning, invented coffee. Now I know-

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (and gives me coffee)

Some of the most amazing things that I have ever lived through have happened during these last few days. If my life were a movie, it would be epic and this would be the climax scene. I can’t wait to tell the story, but it’s only fair to do it with pictures and video. I won’t get around to doing it until the middle of the week. For now, I leave you with

An ode to coffee:

Oh! Devine and virtuous coffee!
Blessed bean from the earth,
I worship thy maker
For the bounty He placed in thee.
I lay my head to rest (for five minutes)
And awake, reassured
For your earthly powers, propel me beyond my natural strength.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I needed this like a hole in the head. Part 2

Thinking that the worst was over, I awoke with a better disposition the following morning. I had stayed up all night. Again. Having a toddler with a cold is a lot like bringing a newborn home. You're up all night. But now, it was morning and a brand new day. I mean, it doesnt get lower than rock bottom, right?


You can always dig. The doctor told me that Katy's condition was viral and that her fevers would be very hard to control. He said that it would be two or three days until the antibody kicked in. Sure enough, his predection was true. Katy still had a fever.

At ten AM that morning, Katy was in no mood to eat. I tried every food I could offer to no avail. I was also expecting guests to arrive later in the evening. They were going to stay with us for five days, as our church hosted a city wide conference. With my daughter sick, and my husband runing around getting the conference thing ready, having the house ready for guests was next to impossible. It seemed that every five minutes Katy needed something. Taking care of her was all I could do.

But then, I looked out the window.

I had never seen anything like this in my life. The entire sky was orange and the trees swayed violently. I could hear the wind whistle loudly next to my window. It looked like a tornado was coming.

That is impossible in my city (Monterrey, Mexico). We are surrounded by mountains, there can never be tornadoes or earthquakes. This was a dust storm. I had studied about them in college, and seen the 1930's pictures of the DUST BOWL. Now, it was happening here, in front of my very eyes.

And I was alone with Katy.

I looked for my camera, to take a few pictures. There was no battery. All I got to show for it is this lifelike sketch I composed:

There were no cars in the streets, and the debree was flying and crashing. I ran outside to feel the wind, and nearly got blown away. Becoming increasingly afraid, I ran back inside. There was nothing that a good pot of coffee couldnt fix. Then, the nightmare began-


All the neighboors popped out of their houses to check on each other-

"are you OK?"

"Is your electricity out too?"

"Is your roof shaking?"

I saw a roof flying through the air. It barely missed my house as it crashed into one of my neighboors' back yard, making a huge CRASH. No one was hurt. We would just have to wait inside.

I closed all the windows and doors. The house became very hot. Katy's fever still hung around, and I could offer little relief to her. I held her as I waited for the storm to pass. One hour, two hours, three hours...

The nightmare lasted nearly eight hours. EIGHT HOURS! 70 mile per hour winds tore through the city without mercy for half a day! By the time it was all over, Isaac was able to come home. We were finally together. We were finally safe. Now, in just a few hours, our guests would arrive.

Little did they know that they would come to a candle light house with a sick and screaming baby and a fridge full of rotting food. It was all we could offer. The entire city was blacked out...

I did get a chance to video tape in my neighboorhood:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I needed this like a hole in the head (part 1. Yeah, its that bad)

When we last left our hero (me), she was struggling with some very stressful situations. A sick baby, a messy house and upcoming guests left her feeling like she would crack. With her husband, family and friends busy putting together a city wide conference; our heroine was left to her own devices.

If you didn’t read my last blog, this might not make much sense. Let me summarize by saying that I was having a hard week. But then, the unimaginable happened. All I can say is


So much crap has hit the fan in the last few days that I have to break down the news into several parts. This is part 1:

Nightmare on ELM CLINIC

Katy’s fever would not be controlled, so I took her to the ER late in the evening. She was suffering from an ear and throat infection. In order to speed up her healing process, an antibody shot was administered. In the wrong quadrant of her toosh. This is dangerous, because giving a shot in the wrong place can damage the longest nerve in the body.

Now, Katy has gone through quite a bit in her little life, but she has NEVER writhed in pain like she did that evening. It was a sharp pain, like burning and she shrieked and spassed for nearly an hour. She was terrified, her pupils dilated and her round eyes opened to the fullest, she screamed and screamed with no relief to be found. After nearly an hour, she just vanished in my arms and fell asleep. The worst was over, and she was out of danger, but this didn’t stop us from making a scene.

My mother in law was there with me, and even though she is a pastor— she didn’t let that get in the way of being a grandma. She walked right through the lobby and into the doctor’s office, with no regard for “permission.” She opened up Katy’s diaper to reveal the swollen, purple and bleeding injury. The nurse was there.

“Are you the nurse who did this?” She demanded

The nurse stood there, dumbfounded.

“I know how to give shots, and this is the wrong place! How could you? She’s already sick and miserable! Bring the doctor!”

Since it was night time, the doctor left after giving the order for the shot to be administered. He was called back and after twenty minutes, he arrived. After getting an earful from my mother in law and myself, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said

“too bad”

And walked away.

This is the same clinic where my daughter’s condition was ignored for a year. The same place that told me she was fine when she couldn’t lift her neck at eight months, use her hands at ten or sit up by a year of age. I went there because I knew they were open at night. It was a private and fancy clinic. Well, it just goes to show. I will NEVER go there EVER EVER again. What a nightmare.

Believe it or not, this is only the begining. My story is just starting. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I feel like Im about to short circuit

For no apparent reason other than venting, Im writing how I feel in this virtual diary for the entire world to peep into.

Does that sentence even make sense?

I don’t care.

Im becoming quite familiar with this feeling. It would be nice to say that it was new or that it was a rare occurence, but its all too familiar. Regardless of how many times I go through this, it doesnt get any easier. My reactions are a little more tappered than before (thank God) but the overwhelming feeling of exaustion is still there.

Basically, Im so tired that I feel like Im about to short circuit. The other day, I finished feeding Katy and I walked up to the fridge with her empty plate and tried to stick it on the door like a magnet. I walk into rooms with no idea why I did, I start things I dont finish (like the two day old laundry left wet in the washing machine), I feel shaky, queezy, and weak.

Before you thing that Im drowning in a glass of water (I know, I only have ONE kid), let me tell you about why I have trouble catching up.

We’re fixing to have a conference with an estimated 3,000 people turnout. Now, this is a very exciting thing. Believe it or not (and I know many wont- but that's their loss) a lot of miracles are manifesting (were a christian church). The miracles are many, but some of the most amazing have been the healing of a down syndrome little girl (even her facial features have changed) and the RESURRECTION of a dead man! He had injested wolf poison at a farm.

As you can see, this conference is a big deal, because we are going to minister to people who will come together from all over the world in a despearate search for God. My husband is part of the administrative team, plus he is holding a small concert. That means he’s swamped. Which means he’s not able to help me very much.

Ive been asked to make a ten minute documentary style video for this conference, and that is one of the big reasons why Im tired. With very little babysitting help, I find myself working afterhours trying to gather all my material together (believe it or not, a ten minute documentary is a mountain of work. Ask anybody in the field). Honestly, I dont know if I will be able to turn this documentary in on time. Ive decided that Im going to give it my very bestest shot, but I can't do more than that. This, in turn, leaves my housework to the very end. Actually, it just leaves it. Sitting there. Waaaaaaiting for me....

There is no corner of my house which doesn't scream




Over the next few days, I will be recieving ten guests in my house. All of them are from different parts of the world, and I will probably be needed to help around. Im not complaining. Ive been alone before. When Katy was diagnosed there wasn't a fly to talk to. With all the work that company adds, the joy it brings is worth the struggle.

But it still calls for strength.

Then, today my husband left with the car to the border, and its precicely this day that Katy has caught some kind of flu.

I’ve gone through all of this before, and the only thing that I can say to myself is "by this time, next week, it will all be over."

Sorry for boring you with my crap. Thanks for listening.

ps- the last documentary I made (in a rush and fury) is here:

(in two parts)
and here is a video of my awesome husband doing an interview with Marc Witt

I had very little time to put the documentary together, and it's in spanish. Had I been able to invest more time, it would have been more polished. Its also in spanish.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Giggle Fest at Home!

Whew, Im outta breath!

Obviously, I have been anxiously waiting for the moment when my baby girl became mobile. Its been about a month and a half since she has started walking and the little fire cracker has taken full flight.

Im finding strange stuff in strange places. Today, the toothbrush was on the television and the baby monitor was in the bathroom. Everything has grown feet and begun to move! Katy seems to walk on cloud nine as she claps and shrieks at her own accomplisments. Every surface is walkable. Every item, explorable.

Her latest trend is deciding when bath time is over. I'll be shampooing her head when she concludes that she's bored and she's done. Suddenly, sthe little squirt pops up and walks off- naked, dripping and soapy. No sooner do I put her inside the tub, that she is up and out again. Its almost impossible to wash her!

Despite the extra work that her mobility brings to me, I am extatic beyond words. Im living a dream and enjoying every moment. Katy and I are having a grand ol'giggle fest.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Men are from Mars. Women are the normal ones

Im on a video streak lately.

My thoughts on domestic life

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

my rant on toilet plungers

I was too lazy to write, so I "videoed" my thoughts...