Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pictures. They're worth a thousand words (and you can't smell 'em!)

How NOT to do vegetarian

My husband and I are doing a vegetarian diet. That's a lot to say for an Okie with a taste for barbequed meat. (Im referring to Isaac, of course). Back when I was in college, I attempted to do my own vegetarian regime, which in the course of two months, landed me at a doctor's office. I had become anemic. He said that my diet wasnt balanced, and that I should have included more variety in my meals. That's because for some odd reason, I developed a craving for spanish rice and lemon. I skipped breakfast and ate only rice for lunch and dinner. Having no foresight, I neglected a few essential nutrients, particularly protein. Being anemic was no fun, and it took months to recover from. That's why this time, I decided to incorporate more foods into my diet. Now, Ive stumbled into a different kind of problem. For example:

Good snack idea

Bad snack idea

Good meal plan

Bad meal plan

Let's just put it this way, if the world ran on gas, my production would be making billions of dollars right now. It's so embarrasing. I cant go out in public! But I do, anyway. I just make sure that Im in the middle of a crowd when I'm about to unleash my silent but deadly powers. That way, no one knows who did it... exept for me.

Mess on wheels

No matter how much I try to keep things tidy around the house, the place always looks like a disaster zone. I had no idea how much mess a walking baby is capable of creating! My little girl is so excited about exploring and learning that she has decided to turn our house into her science project (to think, shes only been walking for two weeks!). I could write all about it, but I think a visual would be more explanatory:

I try to barracade myself in the computer corner, to no avail

No refrigerator content is safe

I find flash cards everywhere

Shes taking the fridge appart

Tossing a pot across the kitchen

Taking a pot for a stroll

Now, all of this chaos is only what I captured in five minutes. Compound that times one hundred for the hourly messes she creates, and you have a very accurate picture of your's truly:

Have a good one, ppls!