Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mommy Meltdown

Its a crab!  Its a slug!  No, it's Michelle!!!

Im laying on the couch in my living room wearing yesterdays shirt and some decade old pajama bottoms.  Im in the middle of a melt down.  My husband has ordered for me to stay and rest while he took care of my chores.  He's taking the baby to therapy and later, bringing home lunch.  Meanwhile, I lay in the middle of a mess with a laptop on my- lap.

Just half an hour ago, I snapped.  Then, I snapped again.  Then again...and again.  My target:  my husband.  Why is it that the people we love are the ones who end up being taxed by our hormonal rages?  Poor Isaac.  I feel so guilty for being constantly mean.   He wasnt doing anything wrong.  In fact, he was helping around the house! Eventually, he walked in on me crying.  Thats when he told me to rest while he took care of my things.  

Am I the only mom who feels overwhelmed?

I feel as if every waking moment, im working, working working. Laundry, baby, cooking, baby, cleaning, baby, dusting, baby, picking up toys, baby.  I feel like I've been in a marathon with no direction and no weight loss.  I just want to lay down and plop. 

Dirt- its whats for dinner.

Like any two year old, Katy is a picky eater.  The problem is that she is living with PKU, a condition in which protein cannot be broken down in the bloodstream.  She is only allowed to have five and a half grams of protein per day, which is practically nothing.  That really limits our options, making feeding a whole new challenge.

Her food is also very expensive.  She cant have any flour, pastas, dairy... the list goes on.  This means that all her food has to be special ordered from the internet.  Its very expensive food.  That's why it sucks when she turns her head in disgust.

"Oh, Katy!  That was a five dollar pancake you just threw!"

But I try to keep meal time happy.  The last thing I want to do is traumatize her with a negative eating experience.  What I dont understand is how she can suck on a dirty shoe or drink right out of a puddle and then sneer at my PKU mac and cheese or home made french toast.

Then Isaac, my husband, has been given a strict diet by a gastroenterologist (a stomach doctor).  All irritants (salsa and spices), and flour (tortillas, bread, pastas) have been removed from his diet.  Basically, Im having to cook three different things for everyone.  Katy's PKU stuff, Isaac's non irritating food and my lasagna with chocolate cake and shot of tequila.  Hey, I deserve it.

Potty show temporarily out of service

Ive been trying to show Katy how potty's work. Every time I change her diaper I narrate the whole process.

"Katy made pee pee in diaper.  We need to put on a new diaper.  Pee pee is for potty"

I also make sure to narrate her bowel movementa, live and on scene.

"Poop?  Katy makes poop?"  I say as she grunts "Poop!  Katy is making poop in diapy! When Katy finishes, we take poop to potty."

Now, Ive been taking Katy on a potty tour, where I am the guide.  I walk in and sit on the toilet as I narrate what Im doing.

"This is the potty.  Potty is for big girls.  Mommy sits on the potty and makes pee pee."  

Then I get quiet so we can hear the soft tinkle.

"All done,"  I say.  "this is toilet paper." (we'll just skip ahead to flushing).

Katy helps me flush the toilet, and then we go wash our hands.  She thinks its all quite an adventure, and looks forward to every potty moment of the day.  Ive only been doing this for a month, when I suddenly realized that it is not good to take her with me every single time.  I decided that Potty Shows will be closed during cycle day 21 through 28 (girls, ive written this in code, so the guys dont understand).  There are some lessons that Katy is not quite ready to learn or I to teach.


Rose said...

Hi Michelle! just wanted to pop by and say HELLO! It's nice to meet someone I don't even know who reads my blog! :) I hope I can keep it interesting!

~Miss Nelson said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always welcome visitors! Stick around though. I look forward to hearing from you.

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