Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tortilla Soup for the Mother's Soul

Im jumping off the bandwagon.

I love to cook, especially international food. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than making restaurant quality food for a fraction of the cost. Whenever I go out to eat, I try to taste every flavor in my dish. If it’s a spectacular one, I go home and try to imitate it. Cuz I think I’m a chef, that’s why.

Eating sushi has been the epitome of my developing palate. I started liking it after I had Katy (I guess taste buds change after a baby). Over the course of two years I have tried and tried to imitate it. Usually, my rolls fall apart, I throw the wooden spoon across the kitchen, and order pizza. Nevertheless, I keep jumping back into the ringer, trying to learn from my mistake. Recently, I bought an “official sushi making kit, ” Thinking I would take the bull by the horns. What I ended up with was this:


(Notice the “Little Ceasers” box behind my crumbling sushi rolls)

I’ve decided that enough is enough. Im jumping off the sushi bandwagon. Who needs ugly raw seeweed crap anyway!

Honey, Bee careful!

Yesterday we took our daughter to Fundidora, a beautiful park in the center of our city. I guess you could say that it’s the Mexican version of Central Park. It has a river walk, museums, movie theaters, live performance theaters, aviaries, gardens, and of course- lots and lots of playgrounds. It’s become our favorite family hang out place, and Katy is thrilled to take her first steps on such a beautiful terrain.

She was cruising joyfully along the park when that nasty ol’ bee made its evil appearance. The arch nemesis planted its dirty rotten stinger on Katy’ pudgy hand. She screamed bloody murder. Before we knew it, we were surrounded by all knowing mothers with tips and advice. One of them suggested calling the park paramedics, in case Katy should be allergic.

The paramedics arrived quickly and rubbed ointment all over Katy’s little hand. She was horrified. I could see it in her eyes. Her little mind was racing

“Why, bee, why? Why would you do this to me? I’m just a little girl playing in the park!”

Katy is such a trooper though; I’m sure she will emerge from this episode without any trauma. Her hand looks fine now.


We were in Katy’s therapy session chatting away and doing baby exercises. This time, conversation was about parenting. The therapists were telling me about a mother who leaves her little boy for his two hour session and then picks him up one hour late saying “if he poops, there are diapers in the diaper bag.”

Joining in on the conversation I offered my opinion on her parenting. I suggested that therapy was not daycare, and sided with the therapists’ negative view on the situation.

Moments later, Katy’s voice shrilled. Every time she sat on her toosh, she would yelp and cry. I quickly removed her diaper to see if there was anything poking at her. I didn’t see anything, but not wanting to take any chances I rolled it up and decided to change her. Then I noticed that I had left the diaper bag in the car. It was too late to put her old diaper on (it was wound up into a tight little ball), so I decided to leave her little bare bottom with the therapist while I RAN to the car.

I parked so far away, but ran as fast as I could. I returned ten seconds too late. Katy, the gym mats and her therapists were all drenching in urine. Her therapist had nothing else to wear that day. I was so embarrassed, to think that not five minutes earlier I had freely offered a condemning opinion on parents who ask therapists to change their kids diapers. Now, here was Katy’s therapist drenched in pee. Next time, I’ll keep my brainy opinions to myself.

Walking on Clouds

On an up note, Katy has really taken off walking these last few days. She’s become the talk of the therapy center. They just can’t believe how well and how quickly she is advancing. They say it’s a miracle. From the moment we walk through the main entrance and into the lobby, everybody stops and stares in awe. It’s a miracle, and its mine to experience.

(I made a video for them. They see so many sad stories that I wanted them to feel encouraged. The song is in Spanish, but watch it anyway. You will be touched).