Sunday, December 16, 2007


Ok, this is not a quality blog for entertainment purposes. Its a


For those who know me or have stuck around long enough to know about what Ive lived through this past year...

My daughter started walking today!

Yes, and its all caught on tape (which I will be posting as soon as I get a chance). I was half way across the room when she decided that she was just going to walk to me. She let go of the computer desk and walked about five or more steps towards me!

You should have seen the picture (which you will later, so stay tuned) A little toddler wobbling and a mother screaming like she won the lottery. What I got today was more than winning the national jackpot. I recieved a bright future for the health of my daughter! Not even a year ago, I was told that she might never walk. The doctors told us that Katy had substancial neurological trauma which would affect her development very seriously. Just think, by this time-next christmas- I'll be shopping for a trycicle!!! You see, doctors- they can only report what they see, but they dont know the whole story. The final word is up to God.

So, here you have us- a little family of husband wife and toddler, celebrating new beginnings and countless hopes. Cheers!