Saturday, December 22, 2007

Baby Steps to Christmas

I dont remember looking forward to christmas this way since... well, since I was a child. The last two christmas holidays have been the saddest, most horrible ones I have ever lived.

On my first christmas as a mom, Katy was only two months old. She was suffering terribly. My little girl contracted a serious lung virus that threatened her life. Not only that, she was experiencing constant pain because of an undiagnosed conditon that went unnoticed until a year later. As if that wasnt enough, she developed a umbilical hernia the size of a lemon, and had persistent diarreah that lasted more than three months. My little trooper was not a happy camper on her first christmas. Days later, she was admitted to a hospital for lung treatments.

The following year, Katy was diagnosed (late) with Phenylketunoria, a genetic metabolic dissorder in which protein cannot be broken down. If it goes untreated, the protein accumulates in the blood stream causing serious brain injury. In Katy's case she developed hypotonia, west syndrome (a very serious form of epilepsy), loss of melanin, insomnia, loose joints and many other complications. We were told that we might never even get to see our daughter walk. That second christmas morning Katy and I woke up very early as she experienced the worst seizure of her life. I was so shattered that I wondered If I would ever recover.

And here we are now, ready to celebrate our third christmas together. Its amazing how much has changed since then. Against every odd, Katy has made an amazing recovery. Her epliepsy has inexplicably vanished- even to the point that the neurologist has wondered if she ever had it at all. This month, Katy has begun to take her first steps and now she is even taking a shot at trying to speak.

After a life time of waiting, I am so thrilled to finally share the joy of my favorite holiday with my daughter. Shes so full of curiosity and I know that she will get a kick out of opening her presents. I cant wait to pull out the camcorder and capture her very "first" christmas. I am eternally greatful for being a part and a witness of her unfolding miracle. Life captivates her with awe and wonder.

Oh, Jesus! You've filled me with hope. What better gift could I recieve?

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Ok, this is not a quality blog for entertainment purposes. Its a


For those who know me or have stuck around long enough to know about what Ive lived through this past year...

My daughter started walking today!

Yes, and its all caught on tape (which I will be posting as soon as I get a chance). I was half way across the room when she decided that she was just going to walk to me. She let go of the computer desk and walked about five or more steps towards me!

You should have seen the picture (which you will later, so stay tuned) A little toddler wobbling and a mother screaming like she won the lottery. What I got today was more than winning the national jackpot. I recieved a bright future for the health of my daughter! Not even a year ago, I was told that she might never walk. The doctors told us that Katy had substancial neurological trauma which would affect her development very seriously. Just think, by this time-next christmas- I'll be shopping for a trycicle!!! You see, doctors- they can only report what they see, but they dont know the whole story. The final word is up to God.

So, here you have us- a little family of husband wife and toddler, celebrating new beginnings and countless hopes. Cheers!