Sunday, November 11, 2007

I wanna be a chef!

I wanna be a chef

I've always had a thing for cooking. I like to eat and I'm creative. Its a match waiting to happen. Whenever I go out to a restaurant and eat something I like, I try to imitate the dish back at home. I'm weird like that. Recently, Ive been watching this show on Discovery Home and health

Im actually waiting for it to start in half an hour


He's the guy that started it all. He's got this show where he cooks in people's houses and teaches them techniques and principles of cooking. Well, I dig it. I've learned about what flavors go well together and have expanded my cooking horizons. The other day, I made a delicious Mexican Hot Cocoa with a hint of red chili pepper. It was fantastic. For tonight's dinner I had portabello mushrooms marinaded in garlic and herb butter, topped with a cactus dish and covered in melted asadero cheese. It tasted like crap, but the point is- Im trying new stuff. Failing is actually learning, and tonight's crap on a plate will be tomorrow's delectable sucess.

There's also this reality show where chef's live together and have a series of cooking challenges over a given period of time. In each episode, one chef has to pack up his (her) knives and go home, until the reigning champion stands alone.

Here's where it gets creepy.

I stayed up past one in the morning watching the show, absolutely mesmerized. I learned that "Flambe" means pouring wine on food and lighting it on fire. I also learned that red wine wont light up. I learned that this technique is not only good for banana's but shrimp as well.

(I cant wait to try it)

My church gives an international leadership course where students come and live with us for three months (bare with me, this will make sense in a second). All the students live in big houses. Girls with girls and guys with guys. I compare it to the big brother set up.

Well, when I finally went to bed I had a very exciting dream. I dreamed that our students were the contender's for TOP CHEF and that they were all living in my house. I was floored. It was the most exciting thing. Do you remember being a teenager and Idolizing a star to the point where you obsessed? This was me, except with chefs. I dreamed that I was sitting at the table with one of the girls. We were just chatting when she suddenly broke out-

"Im hungry, you want a snack?"

"Sure!" I eagerly replied

"How 'bout some banana's flambe?" She asked

"OOH! Yeah, baby!" I jumped "can I watch?"

"let's go," said my valuable new friend.

She placed a silver pot on the stove and got some bananas out. Then, she walked to my pantry to select the perfect spices, sauces and seasonings. I couldnt wait to see what she would pick. I could only see her back as she fumbled through my stuff.

That's when I woke up.


So, there you have it. One more display of my never ending weird obsessions. Oh! I gotta go! TAKE HOME CHEF is on.