Monday, November 12, 2007

I Have the Power!

I am the Master of my Fridge

Ive been roaming around my house, doing pretty much nothing. Thats because Katy is wanting to walk and explore, but she needs ME to do it with her. She doesnt walk by herself yet, but she walks if I hold her little hands.

That's pretty much all we do.

Walk around the house, open a pantry. Walk around the house, bang on a door. Walk around the house, ring the doorbell. Walk around the house, push the buttons on the phone. Walk around the house, open the fridge.


That sucker needed to be cleaned out. It was starting to look like a science project. And it looked like such an undoable task. Well, I did it. Yup. Hold your applause. I did it this moring and I feel totally empowered.

Why I have no friends

I live on a street filled with people from my church. We are all young couples who live literally next door to each other. Back in the day, we used to be swell pals. But all of that has changed over the past few years. I was the first one of the circle to become pregnant. After that, everything changed.

I could no longer live the carefree, do what you feel sort of life. While my friends were busy planning their get togethers I was trying to decide what to do with my four free minutes. Shower? Eat? Laundry? Toilet?

Last night, one of those young couples came over to visit my other neighboors. They brought a cake so they could enjoy it over coffee as they sat on the brand new couch.

Meanwhile, deep in my heart, I laugh at their feeble attempts for being responsible adults. sitting around drinking coffee and eating cake till they get bored...


Fortunately, another neighboor of mine has recently had a baby of her own. After two long years of displacement, I finally have someone who understands the value of little luxuries- like cleaning, eating and sleeping. She came over last night and we watched a movie "mom style." She breastfed and I peeled garlics. *sigh* momhood...

Bumpin' some tunes to the beat of itsy bitsy spider

Baby einstein music has become a regular part of my day. So much that I can sing and hum every tune. This baby music has become a "must," especially in the car. Why? Because

+ =

I have actually been spotted nodding my head to the beat and even clapping at stop lights. You know you're a mom when you know the entire lyrics to the "Dora the Explorer" (say "swiper don't swipe me!" if you know what Im talking about).

Katy loves the "Disney House of the Mouse" cartoons because of the "hot dog" song at the end. I actually found it on youtube and discovered that the video has been viewed well over a million times. It sounds impressive, but I bet you that its the same 50 kids, who like Katy, watch the song on permanent loop.

But, let me not keep the joy all to myself. Lets all dance together!