Thursday, November 15, 2007

feeling quite accomplished today

I flambeed!!! I actually FLAMBEEEEEED!!!!

I tried it many times and always failed. I just couldnt light my bananas on fire. The first time I hesitated out of fear and the alcohol evaporated. The other three or four, i just couldnt do it. Finally I decided to go take a class on YOUTUBE.

I typed "bananas flambee" and this guy actually showed the tecnique. You simply pour the alcohol on the fried bananas (I used bourbon) and you immediately move the pan so that the side of it touches the flame on the stove. The heat makes it ignite, and its really impressive.

It was so delicious. The bananas caramelized and I topped them with honey, cinnamon and brown sugar. Yeah, I know your drooling. Sux to be you.

Rocks to be me.

Please tell me you've done this too

I loaded the car with stroller, diaper bag, purse, toy box, water bottle and pacifiers. Then, I got the baby and buckled her in. I locked my front door. and my gate. I went to the car and looked for the keys...

I looked for the keys...

the keys...

THERE WERE NO KEYS! I had left them in the house. They were hanging neatly next to the door, where I always keep them. Somehow, an agel from heaven (called maria luisa who is my father in law's secretary) got a locksmith to come to my house late in the evening.

After half an hour of waitong we were back inside. Man! I felt like a dweeb. Please tell me Im not the only one who has done this.

a most priced possesion

Today, Katy fell down and she was really emotional about it. I gave her a hug, and for some reason, this seemed to mean the world to her. I always hug her when she gets hurt, I dont know what made her appreciate it so much today.

When I put her down, she crawled away, but when she was half way down the room, the little rugrat returned to me. She stood up and reached up to me. When I picked her up, she hugged me tightly and rested her chubby cheek on my shoulder. My little girl hummed a little song on my shoulder and then her chubby face propped up right in front of mine. She pulled out the pacifier from her mouth and popped it into mine as she gave me a kiss.

I melted.

Her pacifier. Her most priced possession. She wanted me to have it. There was nothing greater she could give, she gave me all she had. Its moments like those that make a woman feel fullfilled. No job, no friend, no award, no carreer could compete with my baby's pacifier. I felt like the queen of the world. And for that brief moment, I was.