Wednesday, July 12, 2017

That escalated quickly....

Its summer in San Antonio, which means-  I T 'S   H O T .

That's why when we got a cloudy day I thought it was a genius idea to take the kids to jump on the trampoline.

Not surprisingly, it begun to rain.  The clouds were a deep shade of gray, after all.

"Yay!"  I told the kids "Let's JUMP in the rain!"

Katy didn't want to, but Josh seemed eager enough, so I insisted.  Even though I had a nagging fear.  Then again, I always have a nagging fear, so I shrugged it off.

Suddenly, out of nowhere-

Heaven broke open. Water cascades and strong gusts of wind started picking up the deck roofing.  It was standing up straight on its side!  Another 3 seconds, and one of the lattice walls flew across the yard, four by four beam still on it. Large tree branches were snapping off and flying across the yard.

And we were trapped in the trampoline.

It was so sudden, strong and scary that I wondered if this could be a tornado. What, with all the roof pieces standing up, fences flying and all.

I had to get us into the house, but could not snatch both kids under my arms at once.  Katy is practically my size now.  I had to pick a kid to save first, and blindly hope the other didn't get smacked with flying objects while I ran back.

It felt like "Sophie's Choice" for a moment.

I grabbed my toddler first.  

"Katy! RUN!  Follow momma!!!"
I shouted while I carried Josh like a football under my arm.

She didn't, just as I feared.  Instead, Katy froze in a panic with her hands over her ears and screamed.   I ran with Josh across the yard, through the deck and into the house, hurling him like a wet fish across the tiled flooring.  He slid backwards on his belly, hands outstretched and eyes wide in bewilderment as he watched me run back outside for his sister.

"Stay here!"  I ordered.

She was standing in the same spot where I left her.  Hands, covering her ears, screaming as she curled  into a ball against the safety netting of the trampoline.  I began waving my arms at her-

"Walk to me, Kate-kate! Im going to carry you in!"

She would not move.

So, I jumped back into the trampoline and attempted to pick her up.  She stiffened in fear, and would not budge, screaming and scratching at me.

Debris flying across the yard and laminate deck ceiling threatening to snap off and fly any second.

Being almost as tall and heavy as myself, I could not muster the strength to carry her.  Much less without her cooperation.  I grabbed her by her trunk and dragged her across the trampoline, down the steps and through our yard into the safety of our house.

We stood puddles from our drenched clothing and stared out our windows in absolute shock.




We watched the storm fizzle out in mere seconds, leaving random, broken pieces of what-nots through our back yard.

Its funny how much can happen in 90 seconds.

BTW- We're all good.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I still exist (and lots has changed)

Its been four years since my last post.

Let that sink in...



So lets take a quick visual tour or what's happened.


We had an amazing vacation in Disneyworld

Returned with a little surprise

2014-  Josh had a rough start 

Pneumothorax (he burst a lung at birth)

But, with a lot of care, he finally came home

I got a job in San Antonio 

(still in special education)

So we had to relocate


We settled in nicely


and adapted to our new community

I think we like it here....

And here are some videos to recap the story

now, you're all caught up...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

While i was away a work, isaac took katy to the pediatrician to check on a fever. It turned out she was tested possitive for strep throat.

Poor baby!

I got home and began to ask her questions. Im so used to us having a one way conversation, but i usually prompt the answers to her (to teach her propper conversation).

Today, she surprised me though.

I asked her if the doctor looked at her throat. Katy shook her head "no," and told me "nose."

(isaac told me he put a swab up her nose).

Then katy patted her chest and said "owking (choking)"

Isaac explained that then the doctor stuck a swab down her throat and made her gag and choke.

I told her she was going to feel better now, to which she responded

"eh-eh-ine (medicine)"

"yes, honey," i said "i'll go get it right now"

I got my keys and as i was headed out the door katy added

"boo boo" and pionted to her finger

I asked isaac " did they take some blood too?"

"yes. They pricked her finger," he said.

Wooow! A dialogue with my daughter! Thank you Jesus!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Katy ABCs

For those of you who dont know, Katy was diagnosed late with PKU. She was 13 months when we found out. She was born in Mexico and they did not screen her. She suffered severely and was even having seizures four to six times a day. We put her on diet and therapies as soon as we got her diagnosis. When she turned three years old, we moved to the USA to get her into school. Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to have a career change and become a special education teacher. Katy was my student in my first year of teaching. I have learned so much stuff, and have been able to help not only her, but many other kiddos as well.

Here is Katy, working hard against all odds as she tries to catch up to her regular ed kinder peers. This is the tip of a great iceberg and Im looking forward to the many changes that are about to come...